Waldo Julia w Teresa Calvin

2022 09 27 | Host: Teresa Durning Harker | Julia Waldo - GV BC Winter Games

Teresa Durning Harker hosted Julia Waldo, Volunteer Registration Chair for the BC Winter Games, to be hosted by Greater Vernon during our schools’ Spring Break, March 23rd to 26th, 2023. These are the games postponed from 2022, due to Covid restrictions. About 1,500 volunteers will be needed to run a successful Winter Games. Julia left us with Volunteer Registration forms, seeking people to help with Access Control, Accommodation, Ceremonies & Special Events, Food Services, Friends of the Games, Logistics, Marketing, Medical Services, Participant & Volunteer Services, Protocol, Sport, Technology and Transportation. There are multiple categories within each of these areas. Chairs are needed for many of them, or their sub-groups. Julia encouraged all of us to consider where our interests and talents lie, so we can help run a successful Winter Games. Contact her at juliawaldo@bcwintergames.ca