Paxton Ind Ltd

2022 04 12 | Onsite with Dave Weatherill | Paxton Industries Ltd

Dave Weatherill hosted our club at his Paxton Industries site, introducing his nephew Darrell Weatherill as General Manager. Another family member is also a partner in Paxton, which carries a family name common among Weatherills. Their company evolved from Chemac Industries, founded in 1984 by Belgian chemist Luc Devolder, acquired by Briteland Holdings in 2009, & changed to Paxton Industries in 2020. Paxton’s vision is “to make the world a cleaner, healthier & happier place,” with a mission “to profitably provide innovative, world class liquid cleaning products and odor eliminators to distributors serving commercial, industrial, institutional and retail markets.” Located in the old Monahan Agency building on 41st St, Paxton has renovated the warehouse, and is nearing startup of new equipment to begin mass production. They’ll continue production of their established lineup of about forty cleaning products – the best known of which are Odorgon, a windshield road film remover, & Bacoban disinfectant. Luc Devolder still helps create & improve products, many of which are for niche applications. With Darrell’s manufacturing expertise, they’re ramping up in two new areas – one is making their own recyclable plastic bottles, putting preforms through a sophisticated machine with heat, compressed air & custom molds. Making their own bottles solves a supply problem, reduces transport costs, & allows them to sell bottles to others. The second new enterprise is using their bottles, mixing facilities, labelling and filling machinery to “co-pack” products for other companies. Darrell & Dave feel they’re on the cusp of an exciting new business. Very soon, they’ll be adding new staff to operate the new machinery and begin shipping product. They have orders, and are almost ready to go. Darrell says this is a journey, not a race! Progress is not in a straight line, but all about timing and tempo.