Mc Brearty Kate w Govind

2022 10 18 | Host: Govind Deol | Kate McBrearty - Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation

Kate McBrearty, Executive Director of the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation, was hosted by Govind Deol. The Foundation supplements government funding for healthcare, by raising money in our community for specific goals. Past campaigns have supported Phase 1 & 2 construction of the Tower of Care, and provided operating room surgical equipment. VJH is in the midst of the area served by Interior Health – an area roughly equal to the state of Oregon. Throughout Covid, the Foundation had to pivot, innovate & adapt. At one point, their normal work was put aside, as they sourced personal protective gear for care providers! Funds are raised through capital campaigns, major philanthropic gifts, bequests & legacy giving, grants, gifts in kind & auxiliaries. Events include the “Light a Bulb” seasonal appeal, Charity Golf Classic, galas & direct mail. There are also a few third-party events. 2022 disbursements, to a variety of capital items & support services, were over $780,000, with another $935,000 approved, but not yet delivered. The next big goal is to help fund a new second CT scanner, at a cost of about $6.3m, including construction of a suitable room. This will provide faster, better, less invasive service to more people, leading to better overall health outcomes. Upcoming priorities will include a mental health building, cancer centre expansion, more medical imaging equipment, & expansion of long term care facilities.