Frankiw Doug w Eric

2022 05 31 | Host: Eric Gombrich | Doug Frankiw presenting The Kisameet Bay Deposit & the Science of Kisolite: a 1st Nations story

Eric Gombrich introduced his friend Doug Frankiw as a “serial entrepreneur.” Doug is a former Williams Lake Rotarian. He talked about his involvement with the Heiltsuk First Nation, near Bella Bella, BC, which for about 250 years, has had “medicine people” using a deposit of glacial clay to treat various ailments. Claims that the clay has a wide variety of cosmetic & pharmaceutical applications, including as a replacement for anti-biotics, and as a cancer treatment, were long discounted, despite the fact that over 90% of our medicines are derived from plants and dirt. In 1948, a respected MIT professor vouched for the efficacy of Kisameet clay, but his research was “lost” until 2012, when UBC’s Professor Emeritus Dr Julian Davies, a top micro-biologist, became involved. He & his lab colleague, Dr Shekooh Behroozian, have published in mBio Davies Lab Publishes in mBio | Life Sciences Institute ( Research & testing by Indian conglomerate “Dabur” also shows promise, while avoiding some of the astronomical costs of Canadian & US trials. Doug and his associate investors in Kisolite Corp. Kisolite Mineral Products | Cosmetics | Human And Animal Health are collaborating with the Heiltsuk Nation, in hopes of producing made-in-BC products. Currently, glacial clay is being used in soap, and remedies for acne, eczema, psoriasis, hair growth, etc, which aren’t subject to a high regulatory bar, while research continues toward approvals and development of pathogenic solutions.