De Vin Jacco w Dave H

2022 06 21 | Host: Dave Hoyte | Jacco de Vin - Upper Room Mission

Dave Hoyte hosted Jacco de Vin, from Upper Room Mission. Jacco has a tech background in user interface design. He spent three years on URM’s Board, then became General Manager about a year ago. A Vernon-area census conducted over two days in 2021 revealed 224 “homeless” people, up 33% from the previous year. Many of these people find shelter – in public facilities, or with friends, leaving something over 50 on the street. Of all the homeless, 81% were adults, 70% suffer from some form of mental illness, 64% are male, 40% are indigenous, 35-40% have some form of addiction, 11% are seniors, & 10% are youth. URM is open 9-4 on Mon – Fri, & 2-6 on Sat & Sun, offering meals, day shelter, clothing, laundry, showers, washrooms & hygiene products. They serve an average of 70 clients daily, providing over 50,000 meals annually. Most importantly, they serve as a welcoming, safe respite, offering comfort, friendship & hope to those in need. Their thrift store & bottle depot provide income to supplement donations, which are their primary source of revenue. Jacco is hoping to develop an app for clients & supporters, which will link them to a variety of community resources.