2022 08 16 | Host: Calvin Reich | DG Karl Ruether

We welcomed District Governor Karl Ruether to our weekly meeting. Karl discussed the invigorating theme of Rotary International under President Jennifer Jones' leadership, "Imagine," including sharing an inspirational video on the subject.

One key element of Karl's discussion was a renewed focus on Polio+, and the premise that "You are the Key!" It is a call to action for all of us to recognize that as close as we've come to eradicate this disease from the world, it is making a comeback, and now is not the time for complacency.

Other specific items of interest in Karl's presentation including a reminder that the District Conference will occur May 2023 in Leavenworth, Washington. Karl presented a brief video about Leavenworth, "Bavaria in Washington" as its come to be known. All Rotarians in the District are encouraged to attend.

Karl also discussed some local initiatives, including a project to "Build Pollinator Gardens" to support the bee population, as these "pollinators" are crucial to the agricultural and broader ecosystem, including our food supply.

Finally, Karl referenced an old adage of the difference between the Pig and the Chicken when it comes to breakfast when it comes to our involvement with Rotary; "The Chicken is involved, but the Pig is committed!" He went on to indicate that there is a difference amongst members who attend meetings, and occassionally participate in club or international activities, and those who are committed in spreading the intent and benefits of Rotary with a goal of expanding our reach, and membership. He challenged us all to become more committed.