Clements Mike w Jack Schultz

2022 09 06 | Host: Jack Schultz | Mike Clements - Kingfisher Boats

Hosted by Jack Schultz, Mike Clements is Operations Manager for KingFisher Boats. This highly successful local company began as Harbercraft Boats in Fort Erie, ON in 1959, where the company also built woodstoves! Historic highlights include the 1972 opening of a Lavington, BC plant, first use of robotic welding in 1980, the 1992 purchase by current owner Byron Bolton, the first all-welded hulls in 1994, the 1995 introduction of Kingfisher salt water boats, first hardtop offshore series in 2000, jet boats in 2005, consolidation of the Sylvan Lake hull plant to Vernon in 2008, addition of a second manufacturing shift in 2015, and recent opening of two large new buildings for offshore boats. Since 2001, mergers have been completed with Eagle Power Boats, the Westwinn Group, Renaissance Marina, Armstrong Boats, Eaglecraft Boats & All American Marine, giving Kingfisher access to a much larger market share, & offering a wide variety of craft for both recreational and commercial use. The local Kingfisher plant currently employs about 180 people, whilst those working at the other companies, some independently run, doubles that number. Current local production is about 570 boats per annum, with a two-year backlog. There are 28 models, distributed by 36 North American dealers.