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2022 09 20 | Host: Dave Weatherill | Mike Molnar - Restoration Lands

We were joined by Mike Molnar and his wife, Sharon. Mike shared his approach to his professional and personal success coming from a focus on doing well in the local community through diversity, faith, and mentorship, something he learned through he and Sharon's years of mission work and travel around the world.

In his latest venture - Restorative Lands Inc. - Mike has purchased the former "Lavington Glass Plant," the largest industrial building in BC at over 450,000 sq. feet. At one time the glass plan employed over 350 people and was an anchor in the community. Having updated the facility to be environmentally conscious and sustainable, it is not an office park unlike others. With a goal of creating employment for over 1,000 people, RLI brings together entrepreneurs with adjacent or complimentary businesses where collaboration can take root. Currently the facility has 9 tenants. Additionally, Mike along with the business owners provide one-another a level of mentorship in those areas where any one of them may be lacking experience or knowledge.

Mike concluded by presenting his keys to overcoming adversity, culminating in the entrepreneurs creed: No matter what, persevere!