Sirriani Amelia Kashuba Anetha w Calvin Bob 20221004

2022 10 04 | Host: Bob Clarke | Anetha Kashuba - Immigrant & Community Services

Bob Clarke hosted Amelia Sirianni, Director of Operations, and Anetha Kashuba, Community Connections Coordinator, for Vernon & District Immigrant & Community Services Society. Since 1989 VDICSS has been helping newcomers to our community, offering a variety of services to immigrants, refugees and temporary workers. Often, VDICSS is the first stop for people arriving in our area from outside Canada. Some people come with buckets of money, as economic or family migrants, & others arrive as refugees, with nothing. All of them need a Social Insurance Number, a health card, & maybe a driver’s licence or a place to live or a job. Primary VDICSS services include Settlement (helping with the aforementioned & more paperwork), Settlement Workers in Schools, Language Services, Employment Services, Community Connections, & Temporary Farm Worker Outreach Support. Vernon is also a pilot location for “Rural & Northern Immigration,” but the funding for this federal program doesn’t include many of the local costs. Anetha hopes to host several activities for newcomers each year, to introduce them to Canadian customs, such as carving pumpkins for Hallowe’en. It’s important to offer activities at no cost, as many newcomers have little money for discretionary spending. Anetha is looking for “Community Partners & Sponsors” to help fund & or operate these events. Money for rental locations, permits, admission fees, refreshments, craft materials, etc., is needed, & many newcomers are delighted to meet locals willing to share a little time & friendship.