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2022 10 11 | Host: Givonna De Bruin | Tracey Heyworth discussing Sleep Apnea

Tracey Heyworth, Respiratory Therapist provided the club an introductory overview of Sleep Apnea; what it is, it's symptoms, and its treatments. She explained how it is a disruption in breathing during sleep that is considered a chronic condition by the medical community, and can have a significant impact on the longevity and quality of life from those who suffer from it.

If you have any of the symptoms including snoring, stopping breathing while asleep, headaches upon waking, feeling tired upon waking, or lack of energy late in the day, you might want to be assessed for the various forms of Sleep Apnea. Your physician can order such an assessment which will cost you nothing.

Great to see you, Lucas!

We were also graced with the presence of a visiting former Rotary Exchange student, Lucas ("Lukki") Viebahn and his fiancé, Beth. They have returned to Canada for a brief visit to see old friends. And we we're fortunate to be among them.