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2023 01 03 | Host: Kerry Regan | Harold Sellers (Ribbons of Green)

We welcomed the new year with Harold Sellers, President of North Okanagan Naturalists' Club. Harold started by stressing the nuance between a "Naturalist" club and a "Naturists" club to assure we weren't expecting a discussion regarding clothing-optional activities.

The club was formed in 1951 making it one of the oldest nature-focused clubs in the Okanagan. Its mandate is to share everything nature in our surrounding area with residents and visitors to the area. The club also has responsibilities in caring for specific sites such as the Swan Lake Nature Preserve, Cools Pond, and others.

The club leads a weekly nature walk each Saturday at 900am, as well as specific outings for things like bird watching, habitat clean-ups, and collaborations with researchers focused on anything that contributes to the natural beauty of the north Okanagan.

Additional information can be found on their website ( and Facebook.