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2023 01 10 | Host: Dave MacKenzie | The Oak Centre - Brooke McLardy

We were honored to have Brooke McLardy of The Oak Centre, a part of the Archway Society and organizing group of the Child & Youth Advocacy Centre of the North Okanagan present their mission, role, and impact on our community. The CYAC of North Okanagan is of 11 such organizations operating in BC with a focus on supporting children and youth - and their families - suffering from physical, sexual, and/or mental trauma. Having supported over 1,000 children and youth since its opening in early 2016, the organization acts as a coordinator and facilitator of supportive services for these young members of our community and their families.

Based on trauma-informed models of care, the Society and CYAC seeks to minimize the stress, anxiety, and fear associated with these children and youth coming forward to report and then manage the event in their lives we all wish to eliminate. This includes coordination with police, physicians, social workers, teachers & counselors, as well as therapists and others as necessary. Unfortunately the need for services from the Society is growing, and it is seeking to find more physical space for the staff and collaborators to perform this critical service.

Brooke was able to show us some examples of the notes from clients demonstrating how the team's support has dramatically improved the lives and happiness of these young people.