2023 01 31 | Host: Michael Wardlow| Santa's Anonymous of North Okanagan

Today we hosted Perry and Lydia Wainwright, President and Treasurer (respectively) of the Santa Anonymous Society of the north Okanagan, the first Santa Anonymous society in the country. Perry walked us through the history of the organization since its inception in 1988 by Lyle Peterson, through its growth with the support of Judy & Rod Mallett (from Butcher Boys Grocery).

The Society's focus is on making gifts available to children and families, from newborns to 12 years old, although recently they've begun to support the wishes of teenagers as well. And despite the Society's name and original focus, the Society nor provides gifts for both Christmas and birthdays on a year-round basis. At its peak the Society provided gifts to between 300-400 children every year. The numbers in recent years have settled at 150-200 children being blessed with the generosity of others.

The Society is 100% donation-supported, both cash and in the form of toys, books, and puzzles and even Christmas ornaments. Accepting new and gently used items, volunteers do everything from repairing and cleaning donations to stocking shelves and helping parents select toys for their kids.

Perhaps best known for the annual motorcycle ride fund-raiser that occurs the 2nd Sunday of every September, other common activities include the Kalamalka Pipe-Band's Pub Crawl. The ride now starts in Lumby and travels through the Vernon area. But similar activities occur in Penticton, Kelowna, and all the way into the Kootenay's.

To learn more, check-out: https://www.santasanonymousnok...