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2023 02 28 | Host: Dave Weatherill | Joe Dolling, Tolko Industries

Today we welcomed Tolko's Chief Forester, Joe Dolling to present his background and Tolko's business.

Joe has worked for Tolko for 20 years, earning several awards. He was appointed chief forester in 2022.

Tolko is privately owned by the Thorlakson family, and now have the 4th generation leading the business. Tolko is comprised of several forestry related businesses in Canada and are partnering with others in the USA. Each business stands on its own.

Tolko has 2073 employees and 2695 additional people directly employed in spin off jobs.

Joe stressed that a principal at Tolko is 'zero waste;' every bit of a log is used productivity. One third of every log is considered a bio co-product for things beyond lumber. Sawdust, shavings and even the bark is used.

Joe shared how new government regulations are recognizing the principles of UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People) and DRIPA (BC), and how they are impacting the forestry industry. Under DRIPA BC will be announcing a Declaration of Biodiversity soon to set policy moving forward. Tolko is proud to be a leader in this area already, including diversity & inclusion amongst not only indigenous people, but different ages and genders will have a profound impact on the future. The board meet quarterly and have for over 25 years with a focus and dedicated staff address indigenous prosperity.

Joe Dolling & Dave Weatherill
Dave Weatherill presents Joe Dolling his lighted Rotary pen

A challenge for Tolko and the entire BC Forestry industry is remaining globally competitive as BC is now the highest cost jurisdiction in the world. Currently, with high stumpage rates and low market prices, some mills are sitting idle.

Joe finished showing slides of the impact of forest fires and how the forests have recovered.

Thanks Joe for a very interesting presentation.