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2023 04 18 | Host: Bob France | Micki Materi of the Archway Society for Domestic Peace

Thanks to our host Bob France, we spent the morning session learning about the Archway Society for Domestic Peace. Co-Executive Director Micki Materi shared with us the Society's purpose and programs. Celebrating its 40th year and formerly known as Transition House, the Society has upwards of 17 different programs available to women, children, and families facing challenges of everything from abuse to homelessness.

The Society is heavily involved in collaborations with the RCMP, the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD), Public Safety & the Solicitor General, the Department of Justice, and Interior Health, among others. It provides various services and supports for things such as affordable and safe housing for women and their children in transition, those having been sexually or physically assaulted or abused, needing legal support, and even young parents. The Society is predominantly funded through grants from various Ministries of the Provincial government, as well as through donations and fund-raising.