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2023 09 12 | Martin Von Host | Speaker: Gene Vickers Background Presentation

As a leader in Toastmasters, today Gene Vickers, one of our newest members, regaled us with his personal life journey and how he he became a passionate, active Rotarian, most recently here in Vernon, BC.

After growing-up in Vancouver and becoming an RCMP officer in the Kootenays, Gene applied his personal ethos of respect & honor to everything he's done. This led to his being a highly regarded RCMP officer with deep connections in the community, particularly among youth. And these connections allowed him to maintain the highest case-closure rate in the region. This also led to his introduction to Rotary when a sitting judge recognized Gene's commitment to this ethos, and the alignments with the 4-way test. Before Gene knew it, he was a Rotarian.

Making the hard decision to transition to the private sector after the RCMP worked very hard to keep him, Gene went on to have a vibrant and successful career in managing auto dealerships. After 7 years in this role, he and his wife returned to Vancouver where that same judge who had moved to the lower mainland and found Gene again, and recruited him to Rotary a second time.

Gene has had a very progressive career in Rotary leading to service as District Governor, and simultaneously serves as a leader in Toastmasters as a way of helping people connect.

Gene concluded by sharing how the work we do as Rotarians change the lives those we serve, but also how that work changes our lives in a positive way. And he continues to live every moment through a lens focused on the 4-way test.

We're now honored to have you as one of our members in the Vernon Silver Star Rotary club, Gene. And we look forward to your mentorship, guidance, and friendship in all that we do here for the north Okanagan.