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2023 05 16 | OFFSITE | Host: Dave Hoyte | Visit to new Coldstream Community Hall

This week we had the opportunity to tour and learn about the new Coldstream Community Hall, even before it's opened to the general public. With Coldstream Mayor Ruth Hoyte and Manager Cheryl Wiebe welcoming us, we had the pleasure of learning about the 4-year long project to obtain the funding and build the spectacular new facility, along with the new Child Care Centre that will play host to as many as 84 children.

All members were thoroughly impressed by the beauty and spaciousness of the new facility which has replaced the Women's Institute Hall. It will be available for rent, and can accommodate upwards of 225 people at tables, or over 300 in auditorium-style seating.

Address: 9909 Kalamalka Road - Coldstream, BC