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2023 08 22 | Bob France | Dr. Tim Paulson, Professor of History (UBCO)

Thanks to Bob France our speaker today was Dr. Tim Paulson of UBCO, Assistant Professor in the school of History.

Dr. Paulson shared with us one of the United Nation's newest endeavors, the "International Year of Rangeland & Pastoralists" set to dominate 2026.

Initiated by Mongolia the movement is aimed to bringing global awareness to the importance of ethically supporting and maintaining rangelands around the world which dominate more than 50% of the earth's land surface. These areas are key to the survival of people, communities, and nations as they serve as homes for cattle and other livestock critical to farming and agriculture. Dr. Paulson shared that for most of the world's population these cattle and other livestock are not slaughtered for their meat, but live amongst the people in a greater level of balance as they provide dairy products, fertilizer for other crops, and to serve the land itself. While cattle have been a target of those seeking to address climate change, in most parts of the world livestock have a net-positive effect on the planet and the ecosystems in which they live.

The United Nations has designated 2026 to be "the International Year of Rangeland & Pastoralists" to bring much needed attention to the realities of these fragile ecosystems, and how our modern world might threaten - or enhance - their preservation for the betterment of all.

For more information, visit https://IYRP.info