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2023 09 19 | Givonna DeBruin | Otto Rieve - A Travelling Rotarian!

Otto Rieve, a Rotarian for almost 40 years with the Vernon Rotary Club shared the highlights of his 111 day cruise around the world.

Starting in and returning to Los Angeles on the Island Princess cruise ship, Otto and his companion traveled west to over 40 destinations, crossed the equator twice, and traversed the world's 2 most famous commercial canals, the Suez and the Panama. Destinations includes Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, the entire Mediterranean including France, Spain, and Portugal, before head to the Canary Islands, Columbia, Mexico, and other countries before returning to L.A.

Otto shared just a sampling of the more than 1,500 photos he took during the trip, including one of the "Bathrobe Choir," a volunteer choir group formed by many of the guests aboard the ship.

"I had been to a number of these countries several times before, and have ridden my motorcycle on 6 of the 7 continents, excluding Antarctica. But this was a unique way to experience it all," said Otto. "The Komodo Dragons in Indonesia is perhaps the most memorable from this trip."

Thank you to Givonna - a lover of travel herself - for arranging Otto's presentation.

Givonna presents Otto with the VSSRotary Lighted Pen