2022 02 08 | Host: Leigh Hewer | Eric Gombrich - Social Media 101 Training

Eric provided an overview of our new MarCom (marketing & communications) efforts and the inherent use of social media as part of that. He explained how different "channels" like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are being used to drive traffic to our new website. We also reviewed best practices in posting, sharing, and liking content on those channels, including use of @ and # in various posts and what that accomplishes.

We then discussed how each VSSRotary member can help; getting on the respective channels, and then liking and sharing the VSSRotary posts with our respective networks to "amplify" these messages. Another request is that club members either create posts themselves or share interesting things they see with us to help spread the word regarding the good work VSSRotary does in the community.

Eric then explained and showed us Hootsuite and how it can help us simultaneously post and promote things on multiple channels at once, as well as allow us to schedule posts to happen in the future automatically, making it a very efficient tool for us to use and minimize the overhead in maintaining our MarCom strategy, and social media presence.

Finally, Eric reminded club members of the forthcoming detailed training session for use of these channels / platforms and tools for those club members willing to support the MarCom efforts well into the future. The training will be held Saturday March 20th, 900am-1200pm at Briteland (thanks Dave Weatherill for hosting). Breakfast will be served, and members are encouraged to bring laptops or tablets so they can try things out as training occurs. More information and an agenda will be sent by Eric in advance of the session.