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2022 03 01 | 7pm Zoom Dinner | Host: Jim Kanester | Leanne Hammond - Community Foundation of North Okanagan

7pm ZOOM Dinner To Support Local Restaurants

Leanne Hammond, Executive Director of our Community Foundation of North Okanagan (CFNO) was introduced by Jim Kanester, to this special 7pm Zoom meeting, where members described a takeout dinner they bought in support of a local restaurant. CFNO administers our club’s “designated” SS Rotary Education Fund, which supports our annual high school grad scholarship awards. Leanne took us through CFNO’s 2020 VitalSigns® Report, a nationally standardized format which “captures trends on issues that are important to the quality of life and health of a community…” Measurements throughout the report are referenced to “Sustainable Development Goals,” representing a collective vision for a thriving & sustainable planet. Some data from periodic government sources, like our census, are not as up to date as local data, but because successive reports attempt to survey consistent markers, trend lines may become more useful than actual numbers. This is not light reading, but from the twenty pages of the “guts” of this report, one can glean a comprehensive understanding of the assets, liabilities, potential & challenges of the North Okanagan. A few tidbits: our 2018 population increased 6.4% since 2016, to almost 90,000; single parent families increased 14% between 2011 & 2016, to 3,590; only 4.2% of our population are visible minorities; overall voter turnout is declining, & is about 30%; only 1 in 5 tax filers reported charitable donations, but our average per donor is higher than the national average; both air & potable water quality have improved; 83% of workers drive themselves to work, while only 1.3% use public transit; our senior (65+) population is growing rapidly, & an astounding 31% of us report incidences of depression; almost 20% of us qualify as “heavy” drinkers; opioid overdose deaths have increased dramatically; median home prices shown in the report for 2019 are now way too low, & our rental vacancy rate has dropped even further; poverty rates haven’t changed much, but neither have income assistance rates in the face of growing inflation; high school completion rates are several points below the provincial average; a skilled labour shortage translated to a declining unemployment rate, pre-Covid, while business licensing has increased, & bankruptcies declined, again pre-Covid; median earnings have increased, but not quite to the BC average; women in managerial positions exceed the provincial average; we have more trades certified workers, as a percentage of population, than the BC average; our crime severity rate is dropping, but remains above the provincial average.

Link to the Vital Signs Report: https://cfno.org/wp/wp-content/