Stange Adrianna

2022 03 22 | Host: Bev Rundell | Adrianna Stange -- Townships & Tales

Bev Rundell hosted a Zoom presentation from Adrianna Stange, an Okanagan College grad & human resources specialist, who co-founded & launched (with her husband Ibriam) “Townships and Tales” in April 2021. Their company offers seasonal, curated subscription gift boxes – each containing five to seven hand-made items from small town BC entrepreneurs, artists and artisans, plus a thank you card & promotional material from the suppliers. The boxes are intended to be given in thanks to employees, suppliers, service providers or friends. They may be bought individually, or at a slightly lower price on a subscription basis, and are delivered in the first weeks of March, June, September and December. Contents are all supplied from towns or villages of under 45,000 people, featuring a different region each season, and may include food, drink, personal care, décor or other small products. Each box also includes an “act of kindness” card, describing a “pay it forward” chore performed by the provider. This might be cleaning, yardwork, chopping firewood, or helping with a move. Adrianna and her husband are strong believers in the power of reciprocity, recognizing that when one meets a simple need of a lonely, ill or challenged person, a positive example is set, distinguishing us from others. See Every town has a tale | BC's small town subscription box (