2022 03 29 | Host: Martin von Holst | Social Media Status Review

Martin asked club member Eric Gombrich to review the current status of our new Social Media activity so club members had a sense of how our SM activities are contributing the community's awareness of what we do. Eric walked us thru our use of Hootsuite to manage our various SM channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Eric showed the data indicating a positive and growing set of trends related to members of the North Okanagan viewing and engaging with our activity.

We also discussed further ways club members can support the effort personally by themselves engaging with our activity, and thereby 'spreading the word' amongst each of our personal networks. "Our club's activity not only promotes how we are supporting the local community, but promotes those organizations we support and who support us. When we each personally promote the club's activity, we amplify that; if I tell 2 friends, and they each in turn tell 2 friends, and so on, we leverage the power of social media," Eric explained.

We were also honored to have Dr. John Wheeldon, our most seasoned club member in attendance. It is always great to have Dr. John with us.