Hewson Gordon w Keray Regan

2022 03 08 | Host: Keray Regan | Gordon Hewson - NO Valley Gleaners

Keray Regan introduced Gordon Hewson, a 2007 founder of North Okanagan Valley Gleaners Society. Since 2011, the Gleaners have been collecting, processing & drying a variety of donated vegetables, then bagging a soup mix which is distributed by partner Christian agencies to hungry people all over the world. A single 4lb bag of soup mix yields about 120 servings. A shipping container full of these bags is good for about 1.3m servings. About six containers are shipped annually. One almost made it to the Ukraine last week, & has been re-routed to Poland. The Gleaner’s plant in Lavington is one of seven in Canada. This plant, & another nearby donated warehouse, also host a large variety of donated medical equipment (hospital beds, mobility aids, health care equipment, etc.) which is distributed by partner agencies to needy hospitals. The third Gleaners mission is their donated furniture & appliance store, at 4405 29th St. Proceeds from store sales are used to pay manager’s salaries & utilities for the food & medical aid programs. The store also donates about 10% of their annual inventory to needy locals who are unable to afford furniture or appliances. All operations rely on donated goods & lots of labour. Several of our club members have worked, & will continue to work periodically at vegetable processing. Past donations from local Rotary clubs have also paid for specialized equipment, such as stainless steel tables, & some of the machinery. This probably one of our area’s biggest & most successful charities, particularly if one values the volunteer hours put in by countless people.