De Rock DG Richard 2021 11 30 w Robin Dave W

2021 11 30 | Host: David Weatherill | District Governor Richard DeRock & Wife Robin

Dave Weatherill introduced Richard DeRock & his wife Robin, from Wenatchee, WA.

Richard is in his second year as District 5060 Governor, explaining his successor graciously delayed beginning her term, allowing Richard to meet Rotarians throughout our District, following Covid-19 travel restrictions. After earning a geology degree at the University of California Davis, perfectly coinciding with an oil crisis collapsing the need for geologists, Richard pivoted to running public transportation systems. He’s had a 41-year career in transit management, first in Los Angeles, then in Wenatchee, where he became a Rotarian. He explained how Rotary is organized from the bottom up, with all initiatives first coming from the club level, & all Rotary International efforts focused on supporting clubs, where the actual work is done.

Worldwide growth in Rotary is coming from Africa & Asia, not North America, where the average age of Rotarians is creeping up. To add & retain members, we need to adapt our meetings & communication to meet the needs of younger members, who typically work in ways different from a traditional 9 to 5 office model. From various surveys, we know the Rotary brand is valuable & respected, but people don’t know what we actually do, other than give money away to needy causes. Prospective members want to be active & engaged in their communities, beyond attending meetings & writing cheques – they want fellowship, & they’re willing to contribute labour.

Our District is updating the public side of their website, & encouraging clubs to do the same, using shared resources. They’re also buying ads on social media, & are keen to restart Youth Exchanges, Rotaract Clubs, Youth Leadership Awards, Leadership Institutes & District Conferences. The next District Conference is May 12th to 15th in Wenatchee, WA.