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BX Elementary Art Program a Success

May 6, 2023

The latest art from BX Elementary students has been exhibited around town at the Boarding House Cafe, Phoenix Steak House, Ratio Coffee, and Wings all in Vernon.

This is a latest catalog of exceptional creations from kids in grades K-7. Particular pieces were selected throughout the year and made their way through the participating local businesses.

Over the course of the year, the work of 14 students were selected. A committee of teachers chose the pieces and looked for: craftsmanship, unique representations, and skill level with the medium. The chosen artworks were of a variety of mediums and age levels.

According to Meghan Budd, teacher and project leader at BX Elementary, "It was special to get feedback from families that had visited local businesses to see their child's art displayed. I had one Grade 7 girls run up excitedly to tell me that her family had gone for dinner at Wings and taken a photo with her painting."

Ms. Budd continued, "I think the connection between the community and the school has been very successful. Having your artwork in a frame makes it very special and will hopefully encourage our students to continue to explore their passions in fine arts."

Vernon Silver Star Rotary was pleased to be able to help coordinate the project, helping facilitate the connection between the school, Ms. Budd, and the local business establishments, as well as donating the frames and matting for the works.

"Its a testament to what makes Vernon and the north Okanagan so special when we see local business leaders proactively embrace ways to connect in the community, and support our youth," said Calvin Reich, President of VSSRotary. "We hope to repeat this project next school year, and perhaps offer even more art to more establishments in the community" he concluded.