D Frankiw Certificate

Doug Frankiw Recognized as Latest "Friend of Rotary"

Jun 22, 2023

Doug Frankiw of Coldstream was honored last night as a "Friend of Rotary" for his extensive support in helping build the new VSSRotary BBQ Trailer. The recognition occurred at the Summer Solstice BBQ at Allan Brooks Nature Centre.

Doug, a well-known and supportive member of the community lives in Coldstream, and is a founder and pioneer of many businesses including Kisolite Corporation, a company revolutionizing the application of BC's Kisameet Glacial Clay for medical and cosmetic purposes.

"Doug was incredible in his provision of energy, enthusiasm, time, and resources in helping us build the new BBQ trailer," said Eric Gombrich of VSSRotary. He continued, "This new trailer has already proven itself to make hosting BBQs in the community far more efficient than our previous approach, so we hope it allows us to support more activities in the community."

Last evening VSSRotary hosted a BBQ at Allan Brooks Nature Centre in celebration of Summer Solstice, the celestial point in the calendar year each June 21st where the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, and represents the longest day of the year.

The VSSRotary BBQ events provide both support for local organizations and individuals as well as a great time for Rotarians to come together and have some fun int he community.

The building of the BBQ trailer was also supported by other local businesses, including:

  • KingFisher Boats
  • Distinctive Upholstery
  • Wayside Press