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Reach 8 of BX Creek is now Clean

May 3, 2023

Thanks to dozens of volunteers, on April 30th we had a lot of fun together cleaning-up the BX Creek between Kal Tire Place and behind the Vernon Square Mall (near Safeway, London Drug, etc.). The proximity to these two heavily trafficked areas make for quite a build-up of unwanted material in the creek.

VSSRotary tries to make a clean-up of this area a bi-annual event to not only beautify the area, but to spend time with members of the community, make new friends, and have fun.

This year volunteers were thanked with a generous donation of gift cards from Browns Social House.

"The creek was particularly messy this year. And the weather and resulting increasing water levels made finding a date for the clean-up a challenge, as well as the effort itself," said Teresa Durning, a Member of VSSRotary and project coordinator. She continued, "It was a huge success, and this portion of the creek is in far better shape then it was beforehand. Its great to see so many members of the community willing to invest their own time to continue to make Vernon beautiful."

Our next similar event will be World Clean-up Day, September 16th, 2023. For more information on that event, please visit: https://vssrotary.org/events/2...