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Silver Star Rotary Tests New Home

Jan 13, 2024

With the new year upon us and the growth the Vernon Silver Star Rotary club is experiencing, the club is now hosting its meetings at a new location: Heritage Hall adjacent to the Vernon Science Centre on the northeast corner of Polson Park.

"We have a number of factors that have contributed to our looking for a new location to host our weekly meetings," said Calvin Reich, President of the club. "Perhaps the two most significant were the growth of the club along with significant interest from potentially new members provided we could keep the costs of participation at an affordable level."

VSSRotary is 1 of 3 Rotary clubs in the Vernon area, and is the only one that meets early in the morning before people have to get to work. Dave Weatherill, Membership Chair indicated "For some time we've been seeing an uptick around the community to get more involved in things that support community and neighbors. We're really excited by the fact that a lot of this interest is from younger folks who are earlier in their careers and have young families, meaning both time and money are at a premium. Because we finish our meetings at 8:00am on Tuesdays members can get to work without disruption. With our new location we've also been able to reduce the cost of membership and participation substantially. And we expect this will make it easier for more people to become Rotarians and join us in our efforts to help the community, and make new friends."

The Heritage Hall is officially managed by the Okanagan Science Centre, a non-profit, charitable organization whose mission is to inspire scientific inquiry through dynamic and interactive learning experiences, and to encourage all ages to appreciate the relevance and universality of science and its application in our region. VSSRotary and some of its members personally have supported the Centre's pursuit of its mission for years. The hall is perfectly designed to accommodate meetings like VSSRotary's.

"We've been lucky to have the great support of the Schubert Centre for years as our venue for meetings," added Mr. Reich. "But as the club is evolving how it conducts its meetings and the growth, we thought it a good time to explore other options that might contribute to our broader mission, including building the club so we can do more in the community."

Mr. Weatherill added "In addition to the Rotary ethos of 'Service Before Self' membership in our club also affords people with many learning and mentorship opportunities because of the wealth of experience and knowledge our existing members bring to the club. It's a great way for people interested in advancing their careers or passionate pursuits."

For more information on Silver Star Rotary, visit www.VSSRotary.org.