Rail Trail

Vernon Silver Star Rotary Supports Development of Rail Trail

Jan 12, 2021

Bob Clarke hosted his wife Debbie as our speaker. Debbie is a Director of “Friends of Okanagan Rail Trail,” & recently retired from a long career with Parks Canada. She described how our Rotary Ride events were the first & last fundraisers for the trail, & how all three Vernon Rotary clubs have been supportive. Last year’s fundraising helped create native landscaping as the first phase of the trail’s northern gateway at Km 0. As funding allows, future development will include additional trailside interpretive/rest areas, aiming for the high standard shown by the Weatherill Interpretive Sites. In response to questions about the Trail, Debbie agreed there are some concerns about the speeds of some e-bike users, acknowledged there’s a need for a few sitting areas for walkers, & explained a variety of trail-focused events would be regulated by adjoining host municipalities, the Regional Districts &/or First Nations. There’s no doubt usage & support of the Trail has exceeded even the most ambitious estimates.