VSSRotary Supports Students w/ Breakfast

Nov 4, 2021

The long-standing BBQs VSSRotary has held for years at Vernon area elementary schools to bring families and teachers together were thrown a curve when the pandemic hit, and distancing and lock-downs ensued. But that didn't impede VSSRotary from continuing to help out.

In lieu of the afternoon BBQs, VSSRotary members spoke with various school administrators and staff and were able to identify that another need was growing; feeding kids breakfast at the start of the day. So VSSRotary unanimously voted to redirect funds from the BBQ and other programs on pause to schools so they could purchase food supplies for those kids in need, or those who were simply hungry.

What your mother used to tell you that "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." There is very strong data showing that a hungry student can't learn effectively. And while the original BBQ support was one way VSSRotary has continued to help Vernon area youth flourish, the pandemic wasn't going to prevent them from continuing to do so.