Since its inception, the Vernon Silver Star Rotary Club has run a scholarship programme with School District #22 to award financial support to deserving high-school graduates attending post-secondary institutions. These scholarships are given annually on the basis of three criteria:

  • financial need,
  • academic excellence, and
  • community and/or school involvement

The scholarship winners are chosen by a committee of club members who meet to go over applications submitted by the students.

In 1993, the club - in cooperation with the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan – went one step further and created the Silver Star Rotary Club Education Endowment Fund with an initial investment of $30,000. This money provides the annual distributions that fund the scholarship programme. Each year the club contributes money to increase the Education Endowment Fund from routine fund-raising efforts such as the Vernon Vipers’ 50/50 proceeds and with individual members being encouraged to personally donate as well.


Scholarship Endowment Fund Balance: $141,000 (as of Sept 2021)


Current Year’s Scholarship Distribution

For the current year the programme will award the following:

  • Total Distribution Target: $10,250 based on:
    • 6 scholarships of $1500, one for each of the 5 secondary schools in the North Okanagan plus a district wide scholarship of $1500 for a graduating trade/technology student.
    • 5 $250 school awards for graduating special needs students as chosen by the school administrations. Club members are also assigned the task of handing out the scholarships and special needs awards personally by attending the graduation ceremonies of each school in May and June.

It is with great pride that the Vernon Silver Star Rotary Club provides its scholarships and awards to the community, and that club members remain involved so personally in awarding them. We hope to continue to expand both the size and # of scholarships we aware each year based on our success in fund-raising.


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